Obesity-From the Doctor's desk

posted: by: Dr. Kim Stewart Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Obesity is perhaps the most complex, challenging, and, ultimately, one of the most important medical conditions in both human and veterinary medicine. Nearly 60% of cats and 54% of dogs equaling over 50 million cats and 42 million dogs are at risk for weight-related disorders (2015).

 The real danger of obesity in pets and people isn’t the fat; it’s the inflammation the excess fat tissues cause.

The consequences of excess (adipose tissue) in dogs and cats are:

          Reduced Life Expectancy and Diminished Quality of Life

          Chronic Inflammation

Kidney Dysfunction

Respiratory Disorders

Skin Disorders

Orthopedic Disease


Metabolic and endocrine Disorders


Pets are over weight and obese for many reasons; over feeding, inadequate exercise, boredom, underlying orthopedic disease and metabolic disease. Your veterinary professionals at College Hills Veterinary Hospital can help get your beloved pet get on the healthy road to fitness that will improve their quality of life as well as strengthen the bond you already share.

Kim Stewart, DVM